Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow morning we have our next appointment with our midwife. I am excited to see how large my uterus is in measurements because it has always measured larger than it was supposed to be compared to how far along I was. So we will see.

Other than the general aches and pains of pregnancy, the only thing I am having trouble with is my belly button. I normally have a half inny/outty. A mixture of both really. And if you have noticed in some of my photos, I am already almost at my "done" point. Well if you look at my belly button, or rather, around it, you will see a faint bluish hue almost as if I am bruised behind the skin. I am wondering if I am getting a hernia because it is hurting, and with growing as fast as I am, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this was to happen.

It seems that every two weeks I can see a substantial difference in the size of my belly. I have been guessed to be at around 7 months so many times, due to my size.

I have been crocheting up a storm. Creating a ton of neckwarmers and whatnot. Jónas and I took a trip to this new place I found (surprisingly because of Facebook) that is a craft shop. Most craft shops here in Iceland are rather lacking, and I had kind of reserved myself to being without the supplies I wanted and or needed for certain types of projects. Well this shop, upon entering, made me want to cry. It was so beautiful. I could not believe that Iceland has pulled through for me finally in something that is so important to me. Maybe this is just sounding dramatic, but people who know me know how important my crafting is to me. I am a creator and an artist, and I am always wanting to make things with my hands, and now I can do it so much easier. I seriously had a great day because of this place. Little things in life, eh?


Stine said...

Maybe it kinda sounds stupid but what makes a good craft shop?
- what do you need/work with?
I often just order things I need online 'cause usually no shop 'round here has what I want and I don't have much time to go shopping 'cause I'm trying to finish school as soon as possible right now.

'Hope your belly button will get better soon!
- I just read that if it hurts and feels like you have a cramp or some sharp pain(wich can happen from week 20 and usually stays "only" for some weeks)you could use oil made of StJohn's wort- massage your bb with it twice a day and the pain should go away pretty soon.
~ I don't have any real experience with it though-
My bb is an all-inny and my belly is still kind of small and not stretching all that much.
Anyway- goooood luck!!

Heather said...

I consider a good craft shop to have at least a small variety of every type of crafting. Clay, yarn, scrapbooking, painting, wood burning, etc.. Nothing gets left out, I suppose. Back in the states, it was easier getting anything I needed, but not a lot of online stores ship to Iceland, and even if they did, Iceland charges an extra 24.5% tax on things coming into the country. So it is rather a pain.

My midwife informed me that my bellybutton was just fine and that it is because the abdominal muscles go sideways, instead of being next to each other. And I think it is starting to feel slightly better! Thanks for the advice though, any and all is welcome. My tummy is pretty large for how far along I am I suppose. :D

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