Sunday, February 14, 2010

32 week baby Noah

34 Week belly

I suppose it could be about time for an update.

Things are just crazy right about now, and pretty much for the best.
We have been working on preparing our new home we recently got the keys to, to fit our needs and taste. It's really been a lot of fun, and I will post some before and after shots soon for your entertainment.

Pregnancy news update: I have just about reached week 36, and seem to be measuring at a whopping 42 weeks already. Having recently taken some blood tests to check on my rashes again, the doctors realized that my iron levels are really low and apparently I am really anemic. Hemoglobin levels are around 84 or some such. My midwife scheduled an appointment for me to go into the hospital and receive and IV of iron. Well we went in to get this the other day, and the doctor there said she never scheduled the IV itself, but just an appointment. It was a little frustrating for me, as I had mentally prepared myself for it, having a hard time with them in my past. They informed me that if my iron supplements didnt improve my levels by this next Tuesday then they would perform the IV. Here's to hoping.

So Tuesday I have a blood test scheduled, another ultrasound immediately after, and another doctors appointment with the blood test results and possible IV all scheduled in a group. I am excited about the ultrasound of course.

My midwife has suddenly started talking of inducing me due to the amount of fluid I have (3 liters), the size of the baby, the fact that I have this rash, and the fact that I am a very small person, and the weight is hurting me. I am really very surprised by her determination towards this, as in previous months even the slightest mention of inducing by me was shunned profusely. The normal way of things is to only consider inducement if the baby is 2 weeks overdue. So I am a bit more pleased that my midwife is looking at me as an individual rather than grouping me in with everyone else. I hate feeling like a nameless face.

Noah's room is coming along nicely. My nesting instincts are definitely kicking in, and it is so much fun gathering all the things I think I will need (of course some of these things I won't end up needing, by just TRY and convince me otherwise right now haha!). We are finishing up painting his room, and I will be stenciling via a projector Kurt Halsey animals on the walls.

I am just so excited to meet this little guy, and hopefully I will in just a few short weeks, if they do induce me. And if they don't... well in just a few more weeks after that :D

And the best news on top of that, from April 2nd - April 12th my ENTIRE family will be visiting, grandma included. I couldn't be more thrilled or happy. This is really the biggest gift life has given me - my home, my baby, my family. I am really looking forward to what else this year has in store.


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