Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling clumsy and cowish

Ahhh, right right. Saturday was my baby shower, and it went amazingly. Everyone was so absolutely wonderful, and made me realize that Noah really has a lot of love already, and he isn't even born yet. What a soothing and comforting thought. My goodie bags were a hit, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and all of our delicious food.

Made me stop though for a moment and realize that a lot of people love me too. Helps, you know, when you live in a far away country with barely any friends, and you sit in a room surrounded by people who are just so happy to see you and be a part of your pregnancy. Makes you feel all warm inside.

So yesterday I woke up to a bout of lovely throwing up. On an empty stomach. That lasted for a long time. After I was finished, I had broken blood vessels surrounding both of my eyes. Oh man and there were a lot. I had to struggle to keep from crying. It wasn't a good morning. And then we had plans to go visit lovely Brooke, who so generously volunteered to take pictures of myself, my belly, and some of my good friend Jessie and I as well. So lovely, this Brooke. Beautifully pregnant as well.

I feel like I could get sick this morning too. Really now, am I to be one of those pregnant ladies whose sickness lasts throughout the entire pregnancy? But randomly? Can I seriously not ever feel like I am having what one would consider to be a "normal" pregnancy? "Normal" of course, because every woman is different. But generally following in the same guidelines!! So I must be consistently measuring super duper large (while Noah measures normally), have ridiculous round ligament pain that prevents me from moving pretty much at all, continue to throw up throughout the entire thing.... This is beginning to be exhausting. Noah, if you can hear my fingers typing, I hope you are a magical baby enough to understand what I am typing... Let's just try for the nice and easy pregnancy (if that exists)...

Ha. This is just one of my grumpy-ish rants. I am not feeling so well right now, and I have some light cramping.

Oh man, I ate so much food last night. Made me stop and remind myself that I CANNOT do that regularly, and gain too much weight. Gotta keep an eye on it all....

And now, dear readers... whoever you may be... I must bid you adieu for I feel an upchuck on it's way...


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