Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 weeks pregnant!

I have come to the time in this pregnancy where my lack of luck is really showing through. I have a rash called PUPPPs. It is the most horrible itchy rash I have ever had. Think of chicken pox and fire ants all over, all the time. I am covered in flaming and itchy hives and welts all over my entire body. I have gone to the doctors 3 different times in hopes for something to help relieve my pain. I went back for the 3rd time last night at 2am, and they prescribed me with oral steroids. I had already been prescribed steroid creams and an antihistamine pill. They didnt do anything though, and my only friends were those icepacks you put into your lunchboxes. I am really at my wits end. They say the steroids will take a few days to kick in. The rash just keeps spreading, and my skin looks so angry. I just want to cry, really. The frustration of not being able to get away from it for any length of time gets to you after a while. And to think of having it for another 10 weeks... Doesn't perk up my spirits any. I just want Noah to come so that I can have some relief and have my beautiful boy in my arms.

I have found a yarn store downtown that makes me giddy to go to. So many types and colors of yarn, and decent prices, makes me feel good to keep finding stores that I can pursue my interests in! I should be putting my new stuff up on Etsy as soon as I take better pictures.


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