Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another day, still pregnant

Ah, so as I relax here on my couch, typing away on my little laptop and listening to the buzz of Icelandic television that I can't understand, it seemed appropriate to add another post.

I had a bit of a disappointing morning. I had an appointment scheduled with my midwife for 9:40am today. I woke up early enough, woke Jónas up as well, and asked him to call and confirm the time of the appointment (since we made the appointment some 5 weeks ago, and who doesn't want to confirm?) only to discover that my midwife had apparently decided to take the whole week off. Wouldn't you think that we would/should have been informed of this information? It's not like we didn't have 5 weeks to be told. And not to mention the fact that I am leaving the country on Monday, and if I had been told, we could have rescheduled.

Of course this shouldn't really be such a big deal (I suppose) but it's hard enough being pregnant in this country. I know that my midwife speaks good enough English to explain to me the things I need to know, but how do I know if this replacement woman (who I am now scheduled to see on Friday) will be able to do the same, and make me feel comfortable? Well due to the fact that I had just woken up and everything seemed to be so difficult, my hormones got the best of me and I cried a bit.

I can't imagine that it is so unheard of for a pregnant woman to want things to be a certain way in order to feel comfortable. I want the people whose job it is to care for me during this pregnancy (such as my doctors and such) to do their jobs. And be professionals. Heck, I am leaving for over a month, and want my mind to be at ease while I am gone.

Well, moving forward - Have any pregnant women heard of the little thing called an Intelligender? Apparently it is some fun thing you can get at any old drug store in the states, and you pee on it or some such, and the color of it tells you what the gender of your baby is. They claim that they have an accuracy of 94% which is fairly high. Jónas and I decided that when I get to the states, that I should take this test just for fun. I have some 6 weeks until we have our ultrasound to predict the gender, and we might as well have a go at it. It's relatively unexpensive.

I've been noticing that I am no longer comfortable with my laptop resting on certain parts of my lap. It has to be low on my thighs in order to be cozy. The heat that comes from it, and the light weight (it's one of those TINY laptops) is even too uncomfortable for my growing uterus.

Began shopping for some "maternity" clothes. I am trying to avoid buying any clothes that are actually labeled this. I find that most actual maternity clothing is rather unfashionable while being ridiculously overpriced. So I am trying to stick with the stretchy tunic tops, and I have many stretchy cozy pants, and long dresses that can stretch with my belly.

My energy is so much higher now! I am in great spirits, and even though I find myself nesting in my living room, cozied up with my yarn, crochet hook, a blanket, and apparently my toaster (and eggo waffles) that I just feel like there is more energy in my body. Always a plus.

I've been cooking dinner again like old times, oven roasted chicken and potatoes, stir fry, buffalo chicken pieces... mmmm. Now I am hungry. I shall leave you with that.


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling well =) I'm sorry about your appointment, you'd think a fellow adult would have the courtesy to let you know you need to reschedule =/


Brooke McDougal said...

Hey love,

I tried intelligender and it told me I was having a girl, and I definitely have a baby boy in there. :-) It DID work for my friend though, so go figure.

Heather said...

How funny! Well, at least it gives some giggles!

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