Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well ladies and gents

I suppose it's time to update.

Alright, so what is going on in this little pregnant lady's life? Well I am now in San Diego, CA. Enjoying a wonderful time with my family and friends. I have some exciting updating news about our little baby... But first let me give you a tiny back story.

We have an ultrasound appointment in Iceland scheduled for the day after I return from California. It is supposed to tell us the gender. Well I am quite the impatient type, and I wanted to be able to shop for our little unknown. But it's not a very appealing idea to shop in only neutrals. That and, I wanted my siblings and family to see the baby now. So I looked online for some ultrasound places that were affordable and I found one on Black Mountain Road in San Diego. Called "A Baby Visit", they offer an amazing floor to ceiling screen along with theater seating, cozy as can be, for as many people as you would like. Offering tons of photos, a teddy bear with baby's heartbeat, and the whole experience on a dvd, at only $120. Of course, I sound like a commercial. They also offer gender stuff at 15 weeks and up. Sooo upon calling and asking, I also found out that they are so super nice, that they had no problem with me bringing my laptop and Skyping with Jónas during the whole experience. Wow! I was impressed.

So we decided to find out the gender. This was this last Friday. My whole family and some of my closest friends came with me and Jónas and I were delighted (as well as my family) to discover that I have a little baby BOY growing inside my belly!!!

Noah Þráinn Jónasson. Nói litli. Aw, my precious baby boy growing inside of me. Let me just say that upon discovering the gender, somehow it makes all the difference. Even if it had been a girl, knowing the identity of this little wonder makes me feel so much more real, and close to him. I know this baby. Not face to face, but as well as one person knows another who is in these circumstances. Amazing.

So I have many many ultrasound photos to share with my baby as he comes to the age where he may possibly care, and for when I miss little him.

Here is my little Noah at 15 weeks:

My mother has decided that we would have a baby shower on the 11th, and I have allowed my crafting side to get the best of me. I am making everything by hand. Body butters, bath salts, lip balm, candy, bath teas... you name it. I am having a blast. I have really missed making things like this...

I have a cold. Who would have thought that upon going to the unbearably warm country, that I would get sick. Ah well, best to stick it through, and all will be well!

I will leave you with this...

16 weeks


Stephanie said...

love it!

I really want to see you before you leave the states <3

LOVE the name btw!

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