Friday, September 18, 2009

What a scary yet informative day.

When I went to sleep last night, I had no idea that today would turn out quite like it did. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night, to pee of course. But once I got out of bed, I felt this horrendous amount of pain in my right hip. After peeing, my uterus cramped up, and it was SO painful, that I couldn't stand up straight, and had to hobble like a hunchback to bed.

This pain continued until... well now. Except now I can hunch a little less when I walk, and can actually get out of bed.

At around 8am, I called my midwife hotline I was given before, and they didn't even ask me what was wrong, but immediately told me to call the doctor's office, where I had an appointment today at 1pm (it's currently 12:47). Well I asked to speak with a midwife, they took my number and told me she would call be back.

2 hours later, I was getting impatient, what a ridiculous amount of time, when I was in this type of pain. So I called back and they changed my appointment time from 1 to 11:20. Which was an hour and a half away from that phone call. Seriously, it's difficult to get anywhere with anyone here, it seems.

So I finally go in to my appointment, thankfully. And from then on out, everything seems to get better. Round ligament pain, is what I am suffering from, and it's no wonder it is so bad she says, as my uterus is measuring some 18 cm high, above my bellybutton at an early 14 weeks. Bellybutton level is generally for the 20 weekers. "If you hadn't already had your ultrasound, I would say you had twins in there" is what she says. So my uterus is growing at a very rapid pace, and my body is no wonder having difficulties adapting to this fast growth. She tells me that I am ok, but I must rest and let it subside.

Learned that while all this time (many years) I thought I had O- blood, I actually have O+. I learned the chances of down syndrome, which was 1 in 19188 chance. Ha. All of my chances for diseases were at least over 1000. So baby is more likely to not have healthy problems (hopefully!)

Also learned that I have only gained half of a kilo in the last 5 weeks. So I still weigh 52 kilos. And a half.

Sometimes things just have to have such a hassle attached to them.

OH. I got to hear the heartbeat, and she wasn't surprised that I had felt the baby move yet, and told us that apparently now, fingers can feel the baby moving better than the stomach can feel it, so before I leave to go on my trip, our goal is to get Jónas to feel lil baby move. Ah. that made everything worth it.

So I am in bed still. Still suffering much pain and discomfort from this round ligament pain. I hope it goes away soon. Just thankful that the baby is safe, and that I am at least able to walk again.


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